New Year, New Name: J&K Atelier

Not to be redundant (well actually, to be redundant), we're making a little announcement with the New Year (yes, albeit a few days late). For the past two years, Hanna and I have been running a small practice called 'Palo Alto Design Studio'. We live and work in the City of Palo Alto, and we've come to love our town and its inhabitants, along with the clients we've served.

I for one have always been a strong proponent for not using my own name in the name of my practice (look away if you thought the same...). In the past, it's kind of turned me off as someone who's worked for one of these firms. I always felt like I was working for a name, rather than a purpose. I've also found it awkward when firms transition leadership and the name (name of the firm which contains the name of the person or peoples) no longer has any meaning or presence. 

However, as our practice has taken off, we've discovered that there was a possibility of misleading people to a conflict of interest, and underlying innuendos that we wanted to avoid. Hence, after a long struggle, we've decided to rename our practice to J&K Atelier.

The 'J&K' is pretty straightforward. Yes, I've lost my battle to avoid my name and have placed hope in the fact that it will actually benefit our firm. I've also been reminded that the leadership of our practice is highly unlikely to change for the next 25+ years (*fingers crossed*). The J is for Hanna's last name, Joo. The K is for my own last name, Kim. We always work together as a team, J&K. 

'Atelier' is French for 'workshop' or 'studio', especially in the sense of an artist's, artisan's, or designer's workshop. An atelier is a place of creativity, and we feel that word fits us like a glove. We also searched high and low for a name that would stick and roll off your tongue in a way that you could remember it. That was one of the benefits of our previous branding scheme. People here are familiar with the city, the color, the name. With our new name, we really like the way it rolls off your tongue. "Jay and Kay Attel Leeae" kind of rhymes. Say it 5 times fast and your bound to have it memorized. Put it together with the two principles Joo and Kim and you'll forever remember J&K Atelier. At least that's our hope! Happy New Year!

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