House or Home – Architalks #24

This month's #architalks focuses on the discussion topic of "House or Home," as suggested by Keith Palma.

We take a lot of pride in our work, and our projects. Seeing that the overwhelming majority of our work is single family residential, we are all about making a house a home. So what's with the lingo? What is the difference between a 'house' and a 'home' anyways? For us,  the term 'house' refers to an empty building, without owners, without life. It's just the structure, bones, and envelope without activity and a sense of time. What makes a 'house' a 'home' is the living and breathing life and users that give spirit to space. On top of that, we also feel a strong obligation to designing and making spaces that truly become a part of the lives of its users. 

There's a level of ownership and 'made to design' that we like to explore in every one of our projects. Whether it's the perfect custom height for door levers, the ideal layout for a shower with bench and shampoo niche, or just that semi-private nook for a mail and throwing your keys, there are special spaces that really make a house a home.

Here in the Silicon Valley, housing prices can be absurd. Very often we have clients where both partners may work full time for tech firms, make six-digit salaries, yet they've spent so much money purchasing a run down house, that they're left with very little money for remodeling. It's also very often the case that their family is growing and a cost-effective addition is desired. We always stress to them that the money they're spending on professional architectural services is also quite just a fraction of construction costs, yet probably the most valuable. This is where we get to roll up our sleeves and try to instill some architectural design magic

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