ArchiTalks #30: Ugly

This month's ArchiTalks topic is... "Ugly".

So I have a confession to make. I'm super late to this blog post due to something quite ugly myself. I started having what I thought was simple muscle soreness last weekend, then what turned into patches of skin rashes on the back of my shoulder and increased sensitivity along my shoulder and upper arm. I feared it might be shingles (rashes and nerve pain) and went to the doctor's office on Monday morning. The doctor ordered a skin swab test and it came back Tuesday morning as negative, but my rashes were getting worse. I let the doctor know and he said it's probably a false negative since the rashes weren't blistering yet. In short, I had shingles: rashes along my back shoulder, under arm, and breast – UGLY!

Anyways, I did want to contribute to the blogroll, as a few weeks ago, I saw this image in my twitter feed:


As I near the last quarter of my 3-year term on the city's architecture review board, I can certainly relate to having seen A LOT of this kind of "architectural style." In horror, I remember we were almost encouraged *gasp* to design like this in an urban design internship I did while in school over ten years ago in a totally different city mind you.

But the real sad truth is the impact of planning and zoning codes in cities. Some of you are saying "womp womp, quit your complaining, be more creative", but it's really worth considering the impact that these zoning regulations that force architects and designers literally into boxes. Whether it has to do with massing and maxing out, or something worse like parking, these planning rules do have a significant impact on architecture, often leaving us with a lot more ugly than we'd like to see. 

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