J&K Atelier

is a Palo Alto-based, multidisciplinary design and concept firm, engaged in the art of architecture, interiors, planning, furniture, installations, exhibitions, lifestyle, and leisure. Our expertise and passions transcend the conventional boundaries between these disciplines, resulting in a richness borne of the cross-pollination of ideas and strategies from across this spectrum of design. This integrated design approach produces holistic environments in which all elements are deeply related to each other and to the heart of a central concept.

at•el•ier (ˌæt lˈyeɪ, ˈæt lˌyeɪ) n. a workshop or studio, esp. of an artist, artisan, or designer. A loft that has been converted into an artist's workroom and living area. An atelier is a place of creativity. [French, from Old French astelier, carpenter's shop, from astele, splinter, from Late Latin astella.]

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1130 Oregon Avenue
Palo Alto, CA 94303

212 High Street, #105
Palo Alto, CA 94301

+1 (650) 999 0023


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Our Story

Hanna Joo and Kyu Young Kim met many years ago and have since built a lasting partnership through shared interests, approach to design, and friendship. Though formally trained in international studies, interior design, and architecture, our interests and personal histories drive us to reach beyond the borders of these disciplines. We have been curators, bakers, artists, and teachers, and we draw from our varied experiences to shape our design work. Working in places near and far -- France, Korea, New York, and the Bay Area -- we believe our experiences infuse our work with a cultural sensitivity and flexibility, producing a deep consideration of the varied needs and nuances of each client. Our multidisciplinary background and approach bring a keen awareness to the graphic, spatial, tactile, and aural effects of the places, objects, and ideas we create.  

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